So Your Website Has Been Hacked? Alan Ogden posted this on

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Why did my site get hacked by ….?

A common question we receive is ‘Why did I get hacked? We haven’t done anything…’. The easy answer is, it’s not you or your site, it’s most likely an random attack by an automated program or robot. There are ‘high score’ sites where people list their defacements and conquests. It’s a numbers game and it does not matter if it’s a small site with photos or a business lifeline.

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What To Do When Your Site Is Hacked Alan Ogden posted this on

You’ve spent all that time getting your site to your desired position on google, optmising keywords, and then your site is hacked and your homepage is replaced by some childish dedication to people in another country. Google or your web browser has placed a warning to all visitors when they arrive at your site. Disaster!

There are several things you should do to:

a) keep your google ranking
b) get your site back online
c) get google to remove your site from their ‘bad site’ listing

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